This NRA class is designed to familiarize the student with the two types of pistols in common use today: the revolver and the semi-automatic, and to develop the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to safely and effectively handle and fire them.

*This is NOT the class required to obtain a Texas CHL*

Classroom instruction will include: (5-6 hrs)

  1. Classroom materials

  2. The safety and etiquette procedures for a gun range

  3. Home firearm safety

  4. Handgun selection and maintenance

  5. Situational awareness

Range instruction will include: (2-3 hrs)

  1. Range fees and materials

You will need to bring a firearm (in a box or gun bag please), 100 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection for this class. Please do NOT bring ammunition into the classroom.

**If you do not have your own handgun, you can rent one from us for the class ($30 rental includes 100 rounds of ammunition).**

Class fee: $120.00


$150 if renting from us (firearm and 100 rounds of ammo)

Click here for information regarding the NRA’s First Steps class.