This is the instructional course required to legally carry a concealed handgun in Texas. The overall objective of this course is to educate students on the responsibilities and laws applicable to concealed handgun license holders. Instruction will be presented using real life examples interspersed with colorful, on-screen video and practical tips.

** Specially scheduled classes of 5 or more students are available.**

 Included in this course:

4-5 hours of classroom instruction covering, at a minimum:

  • Handgun Use and Safety, including proper storage practices

  • Concealed Carry Laws and Regulations

  • Non-Violent Dispute Resolution

  • Use of Force, Deadly Force and Civil Liability

  • Situational Awareness

  • Written Examination (70% passing score required)

  • 1 +/- hour range time (not included in the classroom time) for the Proficiency Demonstration using the current course of fire as determined by the DPS.  (70% passing score required)

  • Range fee




Things you need to bring:

  • Handgun-unloaded and in a gun bag or box (student must be proficient with their handgun before class*)

  • 50 rounds of ammunition – We also have rentals available for $20 which includes 50 rounds of ammunition. Please let us know when you register. (More ammo may be needed for re-testing*)

  • Safety glasses

  • Hearing protection

Class fee: $70 (If renting from us: $90)

*In the event that time does not allow for a proficiency retest on the day of class, there will be a $25 charge for range fees/travel expenses if the student initially fails. It is highly recommended that the student register for the CHL/FIRST Steps Combination course if they are uncertain about their proficiency skills or feel they may be ‘rusty’ from disuse. We will work with you on your shooting fundamentals so that you are well prepared for the CHL proficiency course of fire.