There are wolves out there, and many people have begun to realize that as law-abiding citizens in a free country, we need to take responsibility for the protection of  ourselves and our families. And the more we learn about our God-given and  Constitutionally-protected rights, the more we want to learn.

     Knowledge is POWER!

   We are blessed to live in a wonderful and exciting, but sometimes dangerous, world.  Much of the danger can be mitigated, however, when we mentally and physically prepare ourselves and our families to make sound decisions quickly, before and during those eventualities. By utilizing several different self-defense techniques, developing a plan, and practicing often, we are doing just that. This used to be considered common sense!

    I challenge you to learn the different options available, and to not be afraid to try something new. Whichever methods of self-defense you choose, get educated and prepare today! We can help with that.


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  • Texas DPS Certified CHL Instructor

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